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X-Ray Tech – Minimizing Radiation Risk in Pregnant Patients

pregnant patient

Radiation risk is greater for pregnant patients. Therefore, they should refrain from undergoing an X-ray examination unless it’s absolutely necessary. Pregnancy is a stressful yet very exciting phase in every woman’s life. A pregnant woman wants to be sure about taking good care of her child. The care includes maintaining healthy eating habits, keeping away from drugs, alcohol, etc. One major concern of every pregnant woman when getting an X-Ray is that the radiation could be harmful to the fetus.  

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Radiography of the Mastoid Process

Skull showing location of mastoid bone marked in red


Getting an order for mastoids is rare these days. But it still happens occasionally, and when it does don’t be ashamed to pull out your Merril’s. Tissue thickness, superimposing shadows, and awkward patient positioning make the mastoid process a difficult body part to radiograph.

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Shoes for X-Ray Techs

X-ray tech footwear


scrub dansko 2

If you are working as a radiologic technologist or ultrasound tech, you spend long hours on your feet and on hard floors. Footwear is an important part of your life and we all know that if we skimp on quality in this area, we will end up with sore feet every day in the short run and serious foot, knee, and back problems in the long run. In addition, an X-ray tech’s shoes need to be spill, sharps, and slip resistant, and need to be easily cleanable on the outside. But that doesn’t mean they have to be ugly. Standard tennis or running shoes can be comfortable, but they don’t look professional. The soft pourus top makes them unsafe for dropped sharps or spilled fluids. Also, sneakers are hard to clean and shoe laces can come untied and get dragged across a contaminated hospital floor. But shoes are a personal trial and error thing. One person’s best shoe ever may not work for someone else. What are your favorite work shoes?

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