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The reading courses include reading material in the form of PDF.

After you have read the course reading material, there is an exam based on the reading material. You may access the reading material while you are answering the questions. You have the option of skipping around and don’t necessarily have to answer all of the questions in the order they are presented, but questions which remain unanswered when you push the button “Submit all and finish” will be marked as incorrect.

In order to complete the course and receive the certificate of completion, you must pass the exam with a score of 75% or better. Once you have done this, you will be able to pint out your certificate or download it. The certificate has a reference number that can be used for reporting your CE to the appropriate governing body or organizations.

Navigating the Site

Purchasing a Course

Taking a course and getting the certificate

You get a total of 3 attempts at the exam.

Logging out and logging in again is not considered completing an attempt. Your work is automatically saved each time you click to the next question. You can go back and change your answer anytime before you finish the exam. You will have a chance to review your answers. An attempt is completed when the last question is submitted and you push the button "Submit all and finish" Answers are not saved for future attempts once the exam is finished.

If you do not pass any one of the exams with a score of 75% or better within the 3 attempts, you fail the course and do not get the certificate. Sorry but there are no refunds for this. This is an open book exam. All of the answers can be easily found in the book. There are no trick questions.

Time Zone.

Our server operates on Hawaii Standard Time. ( UTC-10 ) So if it's 11pm Eastern Standard Time on your watch, it's still 4 pm the same day on our server. The time and date when you complete the course is the time and date when you submit your first successful attempt according to the server. 
This is the time and date of record that is printed on your certificate. Unfortunately, this can not be changed. If this is important to you, please be mindful of time zone as well as daylight savings time in this regard especially on the last day of the month if your credits are due before the month is over.

For more site FAQ, please check our FAQ page.


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If you have read and followed the instructions on this page and still experience problems, please Contact Us.

E Courses

Our E Courses are based on PDF reading material and you will have the option of printing out the material from that PDF file.
You will need some type of application to view PDF files.
Adobe Reader is available free for PC, iPhone, and Android. There are other readers that do the same thing.
We currently are not offering courses on video.

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Completion certificates are issued as PDF Files. To view and print PDF certificates you will need to download the current version of Adobe Reader.

iPhone and iPad

If you use iBooks to organize and hold your books and PDFs, there are lots of useful tools at your disposal to make finding what you're looking for even easier. One of those tools is the ability to search any book or PDF in its entirety for certain text.

Here's how:

Launch the iBooks app from the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad.
Open the book or PDF that you'd like to search for text within by tapping on it.
Tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right.
Type in the term you'd like to search for and then tap Search on the keyboard.
You'll now see search results you can scroll through for that word or term. Just tap on the one you'd like to jump to.

Trouble with login

Your username is usually your full email address with the @ and everytyhing.  If you have forgotton your username or password, RESET YOUR PASSWORD. If you get a login error  when trying to open the course after you have already logged in. Please delete the cookies on your browser, or try a different browser, and try again.

If you need help or have any quesitons, please feel free to Contact Us .

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