Fluoroscopy CE Credits

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Fluoroscopy CE is accepted in all states and our courses are designed to help technologists and other healthcare providers refresh training in radiation protection specifically for fluoroscopy.

In addition,Ā fluoroscopy continuing education is required by the state of California for technologists with a fluoroscopy permit, as well as California physicians, physician assistants, and other “Licentiates of the Healing Arts” who hold a fluoroscopy supervisor and operator permit. These courses were designed to meet those needs.

5 Fluoroscopy CE Credits

This course discusses fluoroscopy radiation protection for patients and staff for 5 CE / CME credits good for category A and A+ for ARRTĀ®* or California state tech and physician requirements.

5 More Fluoroscopy Credits

A pediatric flouroscopy review course guaranteed to meet your Fluoroscopy CME / CE requirements all at once for ARRTĀ®*Ā and all 50 states’ registries, and for California technologists or physicians.

About Fluoroscopy CE

How many credits do I need?
For ARRTĀ®* and states other than California, CE specifically covering fluoroscopy is not necessary. The ARRTĀ®* does not require any CE credits specific to fluoroscopy, and does not have a license sepecific to fluoroscopy. These credits will also apply to any other registry requiring CE or CME either general or fluoroscopy or radiation protection related in the US or Canada.Ā For more information, please visit the ARRTĀ® website atĀ www.arrt.org

If you are a radiologic technologist or an XT licensed with the state of California, you only need fluoroscopy specific CE credits if you have the CA Fluoroscopy permit. If you do, these fluoroscopy CE credits will work toward your 24 credit ARRTĀ® CE* biennium total.

If you are a Physician, PA, Podiatrist, Dentist, or other health practitioner with a fluoroscopyĀ supervisor and operator permit, you need at least 10 credits for California of which at least 4 credits must be in radiation protection in fluoroscopy, such as the courses on this page.Ā 

For more questions, health practitioners should contact the registry with which they are licensed, or visitĀ https://www.cdph.ca.gov/Programs/CEH/DRSEM/CDPH%20Document%20Library/RHB/Certification/RHB-CEC-Renewal.pdfĀ for CA State requirements.Ā 
If technologists are licensed by another state, they should check with their licensing agency for specific state requirements.

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All courses on this site offer Category A credits which are accepted by ARRTĀ®*Ā as well as every US state, Canadian province, and all other Radiologic Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound Technologist registries in NorthĀ America for both full and limited permit CE requirements,Ā guaranteed.Ā 

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