4 CE Credits – ALARA in Digital Radiography – E Book and Test

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Get 4 digital radiography CE Credits now.    Guaranteed**.

Of course you want your digital radiography exams to have a dose that is “as low as reasonably achievable”. (ALARA) This mobile friendly online course discusses best practices in regards to radiation protection for patients and staff when using digital radiography equipment. This course meets California requirements for digital radiography continuing education credits and is also good in all 50 states for general radiography or radiation protection credits and with ARRT for category A credits.

Course Outline

Measuring Radiation

Sources of Radiation, Production of X-Rays, Radiation Measurements and Units, Radiation Exposure
Absorbed Dose, Equivalent Dose, Effective Dose, Collective Dose, Committed Dose

Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation

Deterministic Effects, Stochastic Effects, Heritable Effects

Fundamentals of Digital Radiography

Digital Radiography No Noise

Digital Radiography and Image Quality, DR and CR Artifacts, Uberschwinger, Overexposure and Underexposure Artifacts, Calibration Mask Artifacts, RF Interference, Lag and Ghosts, Double or Twin Artifacts in CR, Offset Artifacts, Image Stitching Artifacts, Scatter Artifacts, Delayed Scanning in CR, Cassette Artifacts, CR Roller Artifacts, Dead Pixels, Image Noise, Gaussian Noise, Salt and Pepper Noise, Shot Noise, Quantization Noise, Film Grain, Low Signal Noise, Degradation in DR Devices, Temperature Effect on DR Technologies

Patient Radiation Safety in Digital Radiography

Patient Radiation Exposure, Digital Radiography and Patient Dose, Dose Creep, Exposure Index,
Technique Protocols, Best Practices for Digital Radiography, Special Considerations, Pre-Exam Best Practices, Screening for Pregnancy, Patient Positioning and Immobilization, Best Practices During Image Acquisition, Inverse Square Law, Exposure Factors: High kVp Low mAs, Receptor Sensitivity,
Beam Filtration, Beam-Limiting Devices / Collimation, Shielding, Anti-Scatter Grids, Best Practices for Pediatric Patients, Best Practices During Image Critique, Best Practices After Exam Completion

Radiation Safety for Staff

Staffing and Training, Staff Communication, Communicating Radiation Risk to Patients, Time Distance and Shielding, Radiation Protection in the OR, Radiation Safety for the Pregnant Technologist, Classification and Areas of Work, Occupational Radiation Dose Limits, Occupational Dose Reporting, Radiation Monitoring Devices, Personal Dosimeters, Shielding for Occupational Radiation Protection, Architectural and Equipment Mounted Shielding, Half-Value Layer, Personal Protective Equipment, Equipment Safety Features, Positive Beam Limitation, Filtration, Control Console, Automatic Exposure Control, Anti-Scatter Grid, Examination Table, Emergency Stop Button, Modality-Speciffc Safety Features, Equipment Safety Regulations, Safety Checklist For Digital Radiography

Radiation Safety Program

Staffing and Training, Staff Communication, Technology, Time Distance and Shielding, Radiation Protection in the OR, Radiation Safety for the Pregnant Technologist, Occupational Radiation Dose Limits, Occupational Dose Reporting, Personal Dosimeters, Shielding for Occupational Radiation Protection, Architectural and Equipment Mounted Shielding, Half-Value Layer, Personal Protective Equipment




 BD – 2016  Patient Care – Patient Bone Health, Care, and Radiation Principles 1.00
 CT – 2016  Safety – Radiation Safety and Dosimetry 2.00
 CT – 2017  Safety – Radiation Safety and Dose 2.00
 RA – 2017  Safety – Radiation Protection and Equipment Operation 4.00
 RA – 2018  Safety – Patient Safety, Radiation Protection, and Equipment Operation 4.00
 RAD – 2017  Safety – Radiation Physics and Radiobiology 0.50
 RAD – 2017  Safety – Radiation Protection 2.00
 RAD – 2017  Image Production – Image Acquisition and Technical Evaluation 0.75
 RAD – 2017  Image Production – Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance 0.75
 CI – 2017  Image Production – Image Acquisition and Equipment 2.00
 MAM – 2016  Image Production – Equipment Operation and Quality Assurance 1.00
 VI – 2017  Image Production – Image Acquisition and Equipment 2.00


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