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Radiographic positioning guide.

Radiographic Positioning of the Zygomatic Arch

Fractures of the zygoma region can occur with head trauma. In fact, the zygomatic arch is one of the most commonly fractured facial bones, typically following altercations in which the patient is punched in the face. Radiographic confirmation of zygomatic arch fractures allows early stabilization with better anatomic function and cosmetic results.

zygomatic arch

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Radiography of the Mastoid Process



Getting an order for mastoids is rare these days. But it still happens occasionally, and when it does don’t be ashamed to pull out your Merril’s. Tissue thickness, superimposing shadows, and awkward patient positioning make the mastoid process a difficult body part to radiograph.

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Radiographic Positioning of the Chest


This article discusses radiographic positioning of the chest for the Radiologic Technologist (X-Ray Tech).

Chest X-ray Positioning

  • Chest PA
  • Chest Lateral
  • Chest AP Sitting Erect
  • Chest Lateral Sitting Erect
  • Chest AP Supine
  • Chest Apical (Lordotic) AP
  • Chest Lateral Decubitus
  • Chest PA Oblique Projection
  • Chest PA Oblique Projection Moore Method
  • Chest Axiolateral Projection Kurzbauer Method
  • Ribs Oblique AP Standing or Sitting Erect
  • Ribs Oblique AP Supine
  • Chest AP Erect for Infants
  • Chest AP Supine for Infants

Radiologists consider a chest X-ray to be of good quality when the trachea is centered and equidistant from the head of the clavicle on both sides, the spine is visible as a transparent structure through the heart shadow, and there is full inspiratory effort (the right 6th rib is at the midpoint of the hemidiaphragm on that side). A useful search pattern is described by the mnemonic ABCDEF for airways, bones, cardiac silhouette, diaphragm, expanded lungs, and foreign objects.

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