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Radiography and Pregnancy

pregnant radiation


All radiographers learn in school why radiation is dangerous to a pregnant patient’s fetus, and that it’s very important to screen for pregnant patients allowing the physician to be informed that there is a risk.
Likewise, if you are working as a radiologic technologist, and you get pregnant, it is normal to have some concern about the harmful effects of radiation reaching your baby. Do X-ray techs need pregnancy precautions? Even though the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that a radiographer can continue to safely perform their job without risk to the fetus as long as policies and guidelines are followed, every radiographer should review what the potential effects are.

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Scheduling a Mammogram

mamogram scheduling

By: Stacey Nester

Positive patient communication begins at the time the mammogram appointment is scheduled. Instilling confidence in the women is of utmost importance to acquiring the best images possible as well as ensuring women have a positive experience at your facility. The scheduling personnel should be trained in approaching the mammogram patient with care.

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Establishing Patient Rapport During Mammograms

By: Stacey Nester

You never know what might be going on inside of a woman at the time of her mammogram. Therefore, in order to create positive patient rapport, each woman should be approached openly by the technologist with the awareness that she may have concerns that extend beyond the fact that her breasts are about to be made into pancakes. It seems that this less than modest exam brings to surface other emotional concerns that may be causing distress in a patient.

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5 keys for Digital Radiography



Computed Radiography (CR) and Direct Radiography (DR), are now the standard at most hospitals and imaging centers. There are some key concepts that every X-Ray tech should know about these digital radiography systems.

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Sources of radiation, a reference for radiologic technologists

Man with sources of radiation


Since the beginning of time, all living creatures have been, and are still being, exposed to radiation. Nonetheless, most people are not aware of all the natural and man-made sources of radiation in our environment. Natural sources of radiation account for about 50 percent of human exposure, while man-made sources account for the remaining 50 percent. This article discusses various sources of radiation we find both man made and natural.

A worker holding a plutonium button. Plutonium, a man-made substance, was rare. Scraps resulting from production and plutonium recovered from retired nuclear weapons were reprocessed into valuable pure-plutonium metal.

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