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Susan G. Komen for the Cure Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, that she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982, that promise became Susan G. Komen for the Cure and launched the global breast cancer movement. Today, Komen for the Cure is the world’s largest grassroots network of breast cancer survivors and activists fighting to save lives, empower people, ensure quality care for all and energize science to find the cures. Thanks to events like the Komen Race for the Cure, we have invested nearly $1 billion to fulfill our promise, becoming the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight against breast cancer in the world.

bullet Radiology Mammography International is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the mammography and breast cancer education needs of developing and underserved regions all around the world; through technical assistance, donations, and hands on training.
bullet MammoEd Breast Imaging Teaching Files from The Department of Radiology at the University of Washington strives to provide up-to-date information and educational material for Radiology Residents and Attendings, Clinicians, Technologists and Patients.
bullet Encyclopedia of Surgery: A Guide for Patients and Caregivers: Mammography
bullet Humantics Foundation – Breast Implant Awareness This is a very pivotal time in the Breast Implant Awareness cause … and for women’s rights to truly safe products.
bullet Sure Inc. – BexaPalpation device for breast exams.
bullet Detailed Breast Cancer Risk Calculator A free service to promote awareness by Steven B. Halls
bullet The Society of Breast Imaging, The Society of Breast Imaging is a non-profit professional organization of radiologists, medical physicists and technologists interested in breast imaging. The society has more than two thousand professional members throughout the world. Members only site.
bullet Mammography Reporting System – MRS, Inc. Mammography Reporting System, Inc. (MRS) is the leading provider of mammography information systems in the United States. In fact, with over 2000 facilities using our systems, they are the most widely used of their type in the world. In business for more than 15 years, MRS has become a well-established and trusted member of the radiology community. We work side-by-side with radiologists, mammography technologists, administrators and medical transcriptionists to ensure that our programs meet the needs of mammography facilities large and small. MRS systems have proven track records in academic, fixed-site, remote-site and mobile mammography settings. Our network of users produces the largest existing national mammography database-a body of information that hopefully will bring us closer to identifying the causes of and even a cure for breast cancer. Central to our personal success is our sincere commitment as a company to both our customers and employees. MRS employs the following Mission Statement and Quality Policy in developing the systems that help mammography departments everywhere carry out their operations better and safer.
bullet Mammologix Mammologix is the nation’s leading business process outsourcing solution provider for mammography. We don’t do mammograms. Instead, we deal with the necessary business processes vital for mammography tracking, reporting and MQSA outcome monitoring. The result…your mammography practice can focus on providing the highest quality of patient care possible.
bullet Imaginis The Breast Cancer Resource Welcome to Imaginis, the breast cancer and women’s health resource. Our mission is to provide reliable, in-depth information on breast cancer and related women’s health issues. Within our thousands of pages of physician-edited information, we explain complicated medical terms in everyday language to assist you in making informed decisions.
bullet Mammography Consulting Services LTD. Welcome Mammographers, Technologists, and Breast Care Professionals to The state of this technology is such that we are, for the first time, in a position to impact breast cancer mortality. The critical components of this science and their stringent control have been thoroughly exploited; the tools are at our fingertips. Never before has what we do and how we do it been more important!
bullet ELS  Over the past several years I have worked with Efficiency Systems, Inc. to create and refine Practice-Based Education™, a tool for professional education in medical imaging. Practice Based Education revolutionizes the quality of imaging education, providing realistic full-featured practice simulation with instant feedback.
bullet Penrad Mammography auditing, tracking, information reporting… The PenRad system provides you with a competitive edge in a growing marketplace. PenRad is a solution that decreases your workload, increases your efficiency and offers immediate turnaround time for exams. It emulates workflow and automates tasks while eliminating worksheets, duplication errors, secondary data input, transcription and correlation of exams and patient letters. No other system offers such advanced technology and efficiency. PenRad’s unique design benefits the Patient, Technologist, Radiologist and Administrative office personnel. More importantly, PenRad also enhances your financial performance. By incorporating PenRad’s’ multifaceted automation process, costs related to dictation, transcription, duplication, manually tracking and recording data for reporting purposes are eliminated. PenRad provides an up to date portfolio of your practice with an extensive administrative reports package. These are valuable tools for QA & QC, outcome analysis, personnel statistics, marketing, strategic and financial planning.
bullet Important Information About Implant Breast Enlargement: Among the most frequently performed procedures in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery, Implant Breast Enlargement or Augmentation Mammaplasty requires careful pre-op consideration and decision making. This process begins with a careful Consultation, concentrating on the history of any breast process, including pregnancies, breast-feeding, breast surgeries, and any family history of breast disease or breast cancer. Mammography is also an important consideration for prospective candidates over age 40, in accordance with the guidelines of the American Cancer Society. Careful physical examination is also very important since physical characteristics of the individuals’ breasts, such as shape, size, volume, symmetry, skin characteristics, inframammary fold and nipple position have a great bearing on the achievable result. Also, chest wall size, shape, and symmetry, and patient height and weight have a significant impact on the achievable result as well.


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