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Mammography Certification for X-Ray Techs

You can work as a mammographer when you are a radiologic technologist, but you need to be certified. The mammography certification from ARRT is intended to ensure that you have the required knowledge to work with X-rays and handle the equipment carefully. To become a mammography technologist, you need at least an associate degree as a radiologic technologist, along with an ARRT certificate. In addition, most states require candidates to have specialized training to become a mammography technologist, and earn continuing education credits.

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David Woeber is a retired registered radiologic and CT technologist. Among the many great services Dave did for our RT community was to create a valuable online resource for RTs. He lives and worked in the Tri-State area of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Dave has been in the profession for more then 45 years. His interest in the internet started in the early 1980s and he had scoured the web for about that many years looking for good resources on radiology. In 1996, Dave decided to make a web page for imaging technologists and radiologists. This process lead him to build a website which was the cornerstone of the RT community for years. Dave retired from being a webmaster and his site is no longer online. Below are some of the remaining links from that site, some of which have been updated.

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X-Ray Tech Scrubs with Style



If you’re tired of standard issue scrubs, check out these hot hospital-friendly fashions for men and women. These sexy scrubs for radiologic technologists and ultrasound techs will cheer up your patients and co-workers. Click on the links to see more colors and prices.

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7 Ways for an RT to Make More Money

Career Advancement for Radiologic Technologists

For Radiologic Technologists, navigating career advancement might feel limited, especially for those committed to specific modalities like X-ray, nuclear medicine, or sonography. However, there are several effective strategies to enhance career and income potential within these specialized fields.

Pursue Advanced Certifications

One of the most effective ways to demonstrate expertise and dedication is by obtaining advanced certifications. These credentials can make technologists more competitive and eligible for higher-paying roles. For example:

  • Computed Tomography (CT) Certification: Specializing in CT can open doors to advanced imaging positions.
  • MRI Certification: Expertise in MRI technology is highly valued and can lead to significant career advancements.
  • Interventional Radiology Certification: Specializing in interventional procedures can increase job prospects and salary.

Step into Supervisory or Managerial Roles

Moving into supervisory or managerial positions offers significant professional growth and financial benefits. These roles typically involve overseeing department operations, managing staff, and ensuring compliance with regulations. Advancing into leadership positions not only boosts income potential but also enhances skills in management and administration.

Specialize Further Within a Chosen Modality

Deepening expertise within a chosen modality can open new avenues for career progression. For instance:

  • Mammography: Specializing in mammography can lead to roles focused on women’s health and breast cancer detection.
  • Nuclear Medicine: Advanced skills in nuclear medicine can lead to positions in advanced diagnostics and therapy.
  • Sonography: Focusing on specific areas like vascular or cardiac sonography can lead to specialized roles with higher pay.

Benefits of Advanced Career Strategies

Implementing these strategies not only expands professional capabilities but also increases earning potential. Radiologic Technologists can ensure they continue to thrive in their chosen paths by:

  • Enhancing their qualifications with advanced certifications.
  • Taking on leadership roles that offer new challenges and rewards.
  • Specializing further to become experts in their fields.

By pursuing these career advancement opportunities, Radiologic Technologists can significantly enhance their professional growth and income potential, ensuring a dynamic and rewarding career trajectory.

For more information on advanced certifications and career strategies, visit the [American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT)](https://www.asrt.org/).

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