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Sources of radiation, a reference for radiologic technologists

Since the beginning of life on Earth, radiation has been a constant environmental factor affecting all living organisms. However, the general public is often not fully informed about the different sources of radiation that exist around us, encompassing both naturally occurring and artificially created types. It is estimated that approximately 50 percent of the radiation to which humans are exposed comes from natural sources such as cosmic rays, radon gas, and terrestrial radiation. The other 50 percent results from man-made sources, including medical procedures, industrial applications, and nuclear power production. This article delves into the wide range of radiation sources, highlighting their roles and impacts on our daily lives.

A worker manages a plutonium button. Historically, plutonium was viewed as a rare, primarily man-made element. In contemporary practices, remnants from its initial manufacturing processes, as well as plutonium reclaimed from dismantled nuclear arsenals, undergo a sophisticated reprocessing. This repurposing transforms these materials into high-quality plutonium metal, underscoring its sustained importance and utility in various applications.

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