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Some interesting and useful links regarding Picture Archive Communication Systems.

  • Biomorph : PACS/radiology : PACS radiology furniture, ergonomic desks When combined with our extensive selection of articulating LCD panel arms, biomorph desks provide the maximum ergonomics and a broad range of adjustment to meet the needs of any diagnostic imaging application. Designed to accommodate up to 5 monitors, biomorph PACS furniture is ideal for both reading room and doctor’s office installations. All desks have sit-to-stand adjustment utilizing spring-loaded, lift and lock, crank operated or electric mechanisms and the LCD arms can accommodate multiple displays in many different configurations.
  • ClubPACS Originally ClubPACS, now a linked in group, provides a free community resource for picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) health care professionals. This group is open to everyone. PACS is no longer purely a technology problem, what’s slowing the growth of PACS is the education and change leadership that needs to go with it. This group is an opportunity for sharing best practices, education, networking, and helping ease the implementation of filmless technology in healthcare. Our goal is to be the definitive PACS administrator’s knowledge base. This site is being hosted at the University of Maryland.
  • DALAI’S PACS BLOG The latest opinions on PACS from an average Radiologist.
  • Merge eMed – RIS and PACS integrated radiology workflow solutions With our recent merger, Merge eFilm, Cedara Software and eMed Technologies have united under the Merge Healthcare name, with two companies serving two distinct markets. Merge Healthcare is a market leader in the development and delivery of medical imaging and information management software and services. With over twenty years of leadership in the medical imaging and healthcare information technology markets, Merge Healthcare provides innovative solutions for both OEM and the end-user healthcare markets. We custom engineer clinical and imaging applications and development tools that are on the forefront of medicine and its use of medical imaging for OEM and international customers. We develop innovative medical imaging software solutions that support end-to-end business and clinical workflow for radiology department and specialty practices, imaging centers and hospitals. Our innovative software solutions use leading-edge imaging software technologies that accelerate market delivery for our OEM customers, while our end-user solutions improve our customers’ productivity and enhance the quality of patient care they provide.
  • DICOM CD/DVD Recording, Medical Disc Publishers, DICOM Conversion – Nautilus Medical We provide a suite of easy-to-use products for DICOM CD/DVD recording and medical disc publishers. Read our recent success story from Epson at:
  • PACS History Website The purpose of the PACS History Website is to make available documents that describe the history of the development of Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS), teleradiology, medical image displays and related technology, such as compression, and medical image communication standards like DICOM.
  • PACS and Digital Radiology Resources (new) Online Information – Digital Radiology and Radiology PACS.
  • PACSweb It is the aim of PACSweb to be the single most comprehensive and timely radiology-related PACS learning resource on the Internet. Through presentations by leading experts in the field and through enterprise reporting, PACSweb will expose site visitors to the latest trends and issues in the administration, operation, and financing of PACS. Through the interactivity of the Internet, PACSweb will give site visitors an opportunity to pose questions to experts and to exchange viewpoints.
  • PACS World The blog for Radiology network administrators.
  • Radiology Resources – Free DICOM Software Free DICOM Viewers and Radiology PACS Software ProgramsLinks
  • Radiology Teaching Files – MyPACS Teaching File Software Create Your Own Teaching Files join thousands of radiologists from 1500 institutions in 75 countries who are using MyPACS to create their cases online. Users have contributed 11,548 teaching files containing 44,165 images, and new cases are being added every day. All you need is a free account and your web browser, and you can start creating cases right now. This is a free service to the international community, funded in part by the National Institutes of Health. We also offer enterprise teaching file solutions.
  • Templeton Radiology – Teleradiology, PACS, Digital and Medical Imaging  Our virtual radiology solutions provide cost-effective, up to 24-hour coverage for your practice. We provide fast turn around time for your reports, subspecialty expertise and consultation, and efficient networking. We can help your practice grow and be more attractive to new recruits. Our full suite of teleradiology reading solutions includes computed tomography (CT) including cardiac CTA, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), ultrasound (US) , positron emission tomography (PET) and radiography (XR, CR & DR).
  • U.S. Electronics, Inc. (USEI), Minneapolis, is a leading Totoku medical display sales and marketing firm. USEI offers turn key solutions to OEM’s and system integrators in the health care Diagnostic Imaging. USEI has been actively involved in the design and development of displays since 1994. Because of this experience, USEI was partnered with Totoku to distribute the complete line of Medical grade LCD Monitors to the U.S. market and has been the Totoku’s largest Master distributor since 2000 and won many awards.
  • VidiStar Medical imaging software solutions, VidiStar, LLC is based in Greenville, SC (USA) and has developed a patent-pending, web-based Vidi PACS and DICOM reporting solution, and medical imaging software products, that enable improved patient diagnosis by providing a wide range of clinicians with instant access to superior high-quality images and data. VidiStar, LLC is based in Greenville, SC (USA) and has developed a patent-pending, web-based Vidi PACS and DICOM reporting solution, and medical imaging software products, that enable improved patient diagnosis by providing a wide range of clinicians with instant access to superior high-quality images and data.
  • What Does PACS Mean
  • David Clunie’s Medical Image Format Site Medical image format descriptions, software, DICOM
  • DICOM Homepage
  • DICOM  Electronic Radiology Laboratory, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology
  • DICOM Import Component for QuickTime (Greece)
  • Electrical Engineering Schools » 95+ Top Electrical Engineering Schools.
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  • FP Image for Windows Create cine web viewers of single runs or the entire study for referrals, conferences and teaching purposes.
  • Medical Imaging for QuickTime
  • PacsOne Server (free PACS server software – DICOM 3.0 compliant)
  • Radscaper (free browser-based DICOM viewer)
  • GE Medical Systems
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