National Radiologic Technology Week 2023

Elevating the Profession

November 5-11, 2023

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About National Radiologic Technology Week

National Radiologic Technology Week (NRTW) is more than just a week-long celebration; it’s a tribute to the dedication and expertise of radiologic technologists. This event serves as an educational platform to inform the public about the critical role radiologic techs play in healthcare.

The American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT) established National Radiologic Technology Week (#NATIONALRADTECHWEEK, #NRTW) in 1979. 

Every year during the week of November 8th, the industry honors radiology professionals. This aligns with the discovery of X-Rays by Wilhelm Roentgen on November 8, 1895. Hospitals and imaging facilities around North America conduct a variety of events to honor radiology specialists.

There are times when the profession of radiologic technologist is difficult due to challenges in positioning and working with the patients. This is a great opportunity for team building and morale boosting.

Continue reading to learn more about NRTW celebrations.

History of NRTW

The inaugural National Radiologic Technologist Week was held in July 1979. However, the dates were moved from July to November to commemorate Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s invention of the first X-Ray in history. The yearly events recognize the significance of radiologic technicians in the medical industry. Radiographic imaging and radiation therapy specialists are acknowledged in the workplace. Furthermore, radiation therapies and advancements in radiologic imaging are assisting patients in recovering from a variety of deadly illnesses.

Earlier, photographers used to utilize X-ray imaging to show people their bones and other body components. However, the medical industry eventually took over the X-ray equipment and began using them to provide improved healthcare services. Hospitals, medical centers would appoint nurses and attendants to work on the x-ray machines and rock the radiation component. However, people began studying radiology with technological advancement, and it eventually became a full-fledged profession.

X-ray tech

Similarly to how other professions, such as nurse’s week, are acknowledged for their altruistic effort in the business, NRTW is celebrated to appreciate the radiologic staff for their commitment to the medical world. This day, in addition to honoring R.T.s, educates the public about the remarkable improvements that have occurred in the radiography sector.

National Radiologic Technologists Week Activities

The NRTW is intended for employers to celebrate your employees and educate the general public about radiography. The week is observed in nearly all hospitals and medical centers across the United States. Hospital wards are often decorated, and radiography departments sometimes display stories about employees achievements and progress. Have you done something similar at your place of work? Consider these suggestions to make your Rad Tech co workers feel special and valued.

Employee Appreciation

One idea might be to sponsor competitions for your employees, such as a scavenger hunt in which the employees must locate the Roentgen pictures hidden in the imaging area. You may leave hints and form teams; whoever finds the most photos wins rewards. NRTW items such as pens, shirts, and so on can be ordered as rewards.

Another idea might be to make arrangements with local restaurants and cafés to provide special gifts for your radiology techs. Special treats are always welcomed. 

Yet another idea might be to offer prizes such as tickets to local entertainment venues such as sporting events. Or ask staff to wear NRTW T-shirts to generate awareness for the public. 

If your department has display board or you can utilize hospital walls to hang posters regarding radiation therapy, its advantages, imaging, and so forth, this can be another option. Consider putting up a radiography presentation, starting from the first X-Ray to the latest advancements.

Public and Community Awareness

It’s a great idea to take this opportunity to spread the word to the general public, and help them understand the significance of National Radiologic Technologist’s Week. A call to a local newspaper (if one exists) may find that they are willing to promote the NRTW event. 

Other media outlets may also provide free Public Service Announcements. 


Fundraising is a wonderful method to attract positive attention. Consider having your department host a fundraising event to donate money or materials such s clothes, food, or supplies to local charities in honor of NRTW. Depending on your location, there are many popular themes for fundraisers such as bake sales, 5k or 10k runs, potlucks, community clean ups, and so on. Allow the community to join in the event; you will raise funds for a good cause and disseminate much-needed information about National Radiologic Technologists Week.

What is required for a successful celebration?

This is really in the eye of the beholder. But celebrations can only be complete if adequate support from administration is in place; there is a lot to accomplish while organizing and carrying out the NRTW events.

  • Encourage your coworkers to actively participate. They must be motivated and determined to finish the tasks and put forth the effort.
  • Try to create a budget, organize some funds, and then get started planning some activities or events. 
  • Establish goals and target audiences.
  • See if you can buy NRTW items and find out where to acquire items related to the NRTW concept.

In summary, NRTW can be a special week. It’s great to organize events that highlight the importance of RTs in the healthcare sector. R.T.s work all hours of the day and night to offer patient care. Without the radiography department, the healthcare sector would not be what it is today. So, when it’s time for NRTW, try to plan activities, and send thank you letters to radiology workers. They should know that the medical community appreciates their significant efforts.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is NRTW?

NRTW stands for National Radiologic Technology Week, an annual event to celebrate and appreciate the work of radiologic technologists.

When is NRTW celebrated?

The dates for NRTW vary each year but it is generally celebrated in November.

How can I participate in NRTW?

You can participate by organizing or taking part in various activities like scavenger hunts, educational sessions, and fundraisers.