California X-Ray CE Bundle 2


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Get 24+ CE Credits and meet all California requirements now.    Guaranteed**.


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California has unique requirements for X-Ray techs. This bundle meets the minimum 4 credits in Fluoroscopy, 4 credits in Digital, with a total of 24 credits.
In order to meet this requirement, this bundle includes 3 of our exclusive courses also sold separately, but with a discount.

24 CE Credits Radiography

Bone Densitometry and DXA CE Credits

This course covering anatomy and radiographic densitometry (DXA) is a great way to get 1 credit fast and easy. Credits are good for all technologists, not just DXA techs.

4 Digital Radiography CE Credits

Digital Radiography CE

This course discusses radiation protection in digital radiography.  Meets technical requirements in all 50 states and completes the CA digital requirement.

5 Fluoroscopy CE Credits

Fluoroscopy CE Credits

This course discusses radiation protection when performing fluoroscopy, with an emphasis on pediatric patients. Completes CA fluoro requirement and radiation protection requirements in other states.