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X-Ray Tech – Minimizing Radiation Risk in Pregnant Patients

Radiation risk is greater for pregnant patients. Therefore, they should refrain from undergoing an X-ray examination unless it’s absolutely necessary. Pregnancy is a stressful yet very exciting phase in every woman’s life. A pregnant woman wants to be sure about taking good care of her child. The care includes maintaining healthy eating habits, keeping away from drugs, alcohol, etc. One major concern of every pregnant woman when getting an X-Ray is that the radiation could be harmful to the fetus.  

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Radiography and Pregnancy


All radiographers learn in school why radiation is dangerous to a pregnant patient’s fetus, and that it’s very important to screen for pregnant patients allowing the physician to be informed that there is a risk.
Likewise, if you are working as a radiologic technologist, and you get pregnant, it is normal to have some concern about the harmful effects of radiation reaching your baby. Do X-ray techs need pregnancy precautions? Even though the evidence overwhelmingly suggests that a radiographer can continue to safely perform their job without risk to the fetus as long as policies and guidelines are followed, every radiographer should review what the potential effects are.

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