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Radiography and Pregnancy


All radiographers are trained to understand the risks of radiation exposure to the fetus of a pregnant patient and the importance of identifying pregnant patients. This allows them to inform the physician about the risks, ensuring that all necessary precautions are taken during imaging procedures.

If you are a radiologic technologist who becomes pregnant, it’s natural to be concerned about the potential harmful effects of radiation exposure to your unborn child. The question often arises: Do X-ray techs need special precautions during pregnancy? While the evidence strongly indicates that radiographers can safely continue their duties without risking fetal health, provided they adhere strictly to safety policies and guidelines, it is still crucial for every radiographer to be well-informed about the potential effects of radiation exposure during pregnancy.

Pregnant Radiographers and Radiation Workers

Pregnant radiographers and radiation workers face heightened health risks due to the sensitivity of rapidly developing embryos and fetuses to radiation. As a result, their maximum allowable radiation exposure is strictly limited to 0.5 rem (or 5 millisieverts) over the entire gestation period. This safety threshold is just 10% of the typical annual dose limit for radiation workers, which is set at 5 rem (or 50 millisieverts).

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