About ARRT and ASRT

As stated on the CA website.


An “approved continuing education credit” means 50 – 60 minutes of instruction received in subjects
related to the application of X-rays to the human body, and accepted for purposes of credentialing, or
assigning professional status or certification by the following organizations:

• American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)

The keyword in this paragraph is “accepted”, and it basically states that the state accepts the same credits that are accepted by the ARRT.

Well then, what does the ARRT accept?

In section 10, on page 3 of this document on the ARRT website.

It basically defines that they accept credits which have been evaluated by a “Recognized Continuing Education Evaluation Mechanism”.

The RCEEMs are listed on this page

https://www.arrt.org/pages/partners/rceems with the ASRT among them.