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These courses are accepted by both the CA State radiologic health branch and ARRT* for Category A credits as well as every other US state, Canadian province, and all other Radiologic Technologist, Nuclear Medicine, and Ultrasound Technologist registries in North America and meet CE requirements for both full and limited permit technologists, guaranteed*.

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Q: "I heard there were new requirements for California X-Ray Techs regarding Fluoroscopy and Digital, what do I need?"

A: If you have a digital permit, you need at least 4 (or more) credits in digital radiography. If you have a fluoroscopy permit, you need at least 4 (or more) credits in fluoroscopy. The rest of your credits can be in any subject that is directly related to application of radiation to human patients. We have designed our courses to meet these requirements.

5 Fluoroscopy + 18 Digital + 1 Free = 24 
This combo completes CA and ARRT* both.

5 Fluoro

Fluoroscopy Credits

This course discusses radiation protection when performing fluoroscopy. Completes CA fluoro requirement.   


18 Digital

Digital Radiography Credits

This course discusses digital radiography and PACS.  It completes the California digital requirement.


Read all about CA requirements here.

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Other California approved X-Ray CE Courses

These books were written for X-Ray techs, not doctors. This year, don't get a headache sifting through medical books that are beyond your scope of practice. Get your CE done today with a course that is valuable and relevant to you.

24 Credits

This course is everything you need to fulfill your ARRT* and state requirements for general radiography in one shot. Good in all 50 states. You can get your credits done today.    



Mammography continuing education courses guaranteed to meet your Mammography CE requirements for ARRT*, MQSA, and all 50 states' registries. Get credits today.


12 Credits

If there were a nuclear disaster near your hospital, would you be prepared to help? You will after taking this course. Good in all 50 states and with ARRT*.   


23 CE Credits

Meets general radiography requirements in all 50 states and Canada as well as CQR for Bone Densitometry CE.


2 Credits

Get 2 category A CE credits while learning about the history and future trends in radiology and medical imaging.


2 Credits

Get 2 credits today with this fast and easy course covering anatomy and radiographic positioning of the thigh, knee, tib fib, and ankle.


1 Credit

Get 1 category A CE credit for reviewing the anatomy and radiographic positioning of the hip and pelvis.


1 Credit

This course covering anatomy and radiographic positioning of the foot is a great way to get 1 credit fast and easy.


5 Fluoroscopy CE

This course discusses radiation protection when performing fluoroscopy. Completes CA fluoro requirement and radiation protection requirements in other states.   


PACS and Digital Radiography

This course discusses digital radiography and PACS.  Meets technical requirements in all 50 states and completes the CA digital requirement.


5 CE Fluoro

Fluoroscopy CE Credits good for all US states and Canada as well as California Fluoroscopy CE for techonlogist license requirements.


20 Credits

A course on medical ethics specifically for Radiologic Technologists. If you need 20 credits, this course can get you there today. Check requirements for CA, FL, and TX.


24 CE Ultrasound

Sonography CE Credits for ARRT* or ARDMS. Provides structured education for post primary certification and continung qualification requirements.

Coming Soon

4 Digital Credits

A four credit digital radiography course. Covers radiation protection for all technologists as well as digital requirement for California techs.


Not sure what you need? Read all about CA requirements here.

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Radiologic technologists working in California for a long time have had slightly different continuing education (CE) requirements than in other states. The California Radiologic Health Branch of the Department of Health (CA RHB) has recently announced new changes in CE requriements for RTs with a California X-ray License.

Q: "I heard there were new reqirements for california regarding Fluoroscopy and Digital, what do I need?"

A: Yes, as of July 01, 2016 there are different requirements for only those techs who have a fluoroscopy permit and / or a digital radiography permit with the state of California. If you have these licenses, our Fluoroscopy and Digital Radiography courses will fulfill both the CA State and ARRT* requirements at once. If you do not have a fluoroscopy license or a digital radiography license with CA state, our 24 credit course "Radiography of the Upper Extremities" will be accepted and that's all you need, as long as you don't also need credits for mammography. If you already have some credits you can choose any of our courses to qualify. They all meet CA guidelines (except the course on ethics).
Radiography of the Upper Extremities

This is an excript from the actual notification.

  • Limited Permit X-ray Technologists (XTs) with digital authorization and all Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRTs) need to earn a minimum of 24 approved CE credits, at least four (4) of which are in digital radiography, in the two years prior to the expiration of their certificate/permit. 
  • CRTs with a mammography certificate need 24 approved CE credits, with at least 10 CE credits that are specific to mammography.
  • CRTs with a fluoroscopy permit need 24 approved CE credits, with at least 4 CE credits that apply to radiation safety for the clinical uses of fluoroscopy.
  • Any of the mammography or fluoroscopy CE credits that you have obtained that are related to digital radiography may be used to satisfy the 4 digital radiography CE requirements.


This link at the state's website explains in detail.

The CA RHB, like most states has followed the lead of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) in defining the CE Requirments. The number of credits is the same for the CA RHB (24 credits per biennium) and credits are equal to the same amount of time as defined by the ARRT in that an “approved continuing education credit” means 50 - 60 minutes of instruction. However the CA RHB has added that the credits are required to be in "subjects related to the application of X-ray to the human body."  Limited permit holders in CA have the same requirements as full permit holders. 
If you are a limited licensed tech (XT), any of the courses on this site will work for you as well. The number of credits you need are the same as a fully licensed tech. (24 each biennium,) but following the new rules, after next July, the subject matter of the courses will depend on which licenses you carry. If you have a digital permit, you will need at least 4 of those credits to be about digital radiography. 

What this means is that while the ARRT and most state agencies accept CE Credits on subjects such as diseases, ergonomics, and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), CA RHB does NOT accept these subjects for credit. They do, however accept courses on diseases and subjects if they include information specific to the application of X-ray to the human body.

MamRevCE4RTCalifornia mammographers also have specific CE requirements. The state mandates that each mammographer must, in the two years immediately preceding the expiration date of the certificate, must earn 10 of the 24 Approved CE credits in mammography. Trying to keep track of mammography credits is a big challenge. The MQSA requires 15 credits every 3 years. Because of these challenges, we have designed a program guaranteed to meet the needs of Mammographers. Our Mammography courses offer the credits you need. 

The specific regulations are found in the Radiologic Technology Act regulations specified in Title 17, California Code of Regulations (17 CCR). On October 11, 2013, amendments and changes to this act were made. Those changes were based upon the Radiologic Technology Certification Committee’s (RTCC) recommendations. According to CA RHB announcements, those changes are going to be enforced starting in July 2016. What this means is that after July 2016 you need to pay attention to taking specific courses. You will need to get credits in Flurorscopy and Digital Radiography if you have those permits. 

Proof of completed CE credits must be retained for 4 years and must be made available to the CA RHB upon request.

Venipuncture certification is also required for California Radiologic Technologists who will be performing venipuncture. This is especially important for CT technologists who are relocating to California from another state. Most technologists native to California acquired the venipuncture certification when they were in school or were grandfathered in.  Obtaining the certification later can be tricky. Many community colleges will only offer an extended phlebotomy course that takes a whole semester. There are a few options, however. One option is to look for specific training seminars. There are some, for example, offered by the California Society of Radiologic Technologists. Check their website for updates and details.

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