David Woeber is a retired registered radiologic and CT technologist. Among the many great services Dave did for our RT community was to create a valuable online resource for RTs. He lives and worked in the Tri-State area of West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Dave has been in the profession for more then 45 years. His interest in the internet started in the early 1980s and he had scoured the web for about that many years looking for good resources on radiology. In 1996, Dave decided to make a web page for the imaging technologist's and radiologist's. This process lead him to build a website which was the cornerstone of the RT community. Dave retired from being a webmaster also, and his site is no longer online. But we have recreated the links from that now defunct site and will be adding to the sections bringing them up to date. 

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Ionizing Radiation Video Series

I recently discovered this video series on youtube and thought it might be of interest. There is no CE credit for this series, but it might be useful for some of you looking for educational materials. So far I have not heard enough demand for a web based video or audio series to justify the expense of creating one, but if this is something you really want, contact me. If I get enough requests, I'll make one. 

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